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Life of an SEO

About the Webinar

Key Takeaways:
  • Typical challenges in the life of an SEO
  • Skills needed for an SEO to be successful
  • Category of tools used by a SEO
  • Importance of metrics and measurement
  • Managing high expectations 
Session Agenda:
  • Who is an SEO?
  • What are his roles and responsibilities
  • What Challenges does an SEO face?
  • What tools does SEO use?
  • Some metics and KPI to be used for an SEO
  • Managing Expectations

60 Minutes


27 June 2020


11:00 AM

Who is the Speaker?

Amitabh Verma

After having worked at Google for over 7 years as the Global SMB Advertiser Services Leader, Amitabh was rated amongst top 100 digital marketers by Paul Writer and Pluralsight survey. Amitabh has worked with companies like HP, LG, Sr Reddy's Lab, Havas Digital and many other large and small businesses to create and manage their Digital Marketing strategies. Amitabh brings his years of experience into the content developed for the training programs and ensures that all program participants benefit from this and deploy them in their own careers. Amitabh and his team of trainers also help the participants with their career development to ensure that everyone charts out a clear path for themselves that leads them to a successful career. Amitabh is also passionate about Personal Branding and ensures every participant is putting in the effort required to create an everlasting brand for themselves.

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