Digital Marketing Training Programs

Digital Marketing courses and training programs for students and working professionals. Get world class certifications and jobs and internships. Participate in contests and win awards.

Digital Marketing Programs

Digital Marketing courses and training programs for students and working professionals. Get world class certifications and jobs and internships. Participate in contests and win awards.

Digital Marketing

Learn how to build businesses using advance Digital Marketing tools and techniques. Master most sought after Digital Skills and grow your career.


Multiple training programs for different skills levels and platforms.

Learn Advanced SEO Tools & Techniques Through a Recorded Workshop With Ex-Googler. Get certified and become an expert Search Engine Optimiser.

Self paced in 6 weeks

Digital Marketing training program that covers 14 modules like Analytics, SEO, SEM, Display, Youtube, Mobile, Social Media, Facebook, Online Reputation Management etc.

6 weeks

Master Google analytics and earn certification from Google and AMP Digital. Become the most sought after Web Analytics professional globally. Get a job offer, internship or part-time work.

6 Weeks

Lead Instructor

Amitabh Verma

After having worked at Google for over 7 years as the Global SMB Advertiser Services Leader, Amitabh was rated amongst top 100 digital marketers by Paul Writer and Pluralsight survey. Amitabh has worked with companies like HP, LG, Sr Reddy's Lab, Havas Digital and many other large and small businesses to create and manage their Digital Marketing strategies. Amitabh brings his years of experience into the content developed for the training programs and ensures that all program participants benefit from this and deploy them in their own careers. Amitabh and his team of trainers also help the participants with their career development to ensure that everyone charts out a clear path for themselves that leads them to a successful career. Amitabh is also passionate about Personal Branding and ensures every participant is putting in the effort required to create an everlasting brand for themselves.

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Meet Amitabh on

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 Vivek Arora     Rohit Virmani Abhijay Srivastava Anshuman Sinha Vishal Dilawari

I joined this course in October and it’s been an interesting journey. I have seen a lot of growth in my intellect and Understanding the digital Business after going through the course and now, I relate more to the ads which I see on my social media accounts and I truly relate to how this is getting monetized or this is getting targeted. It's been an immense learning experience for me.

Vivek Arora , VP Discovery Channel

Upcoming E-commerce is related to Digital World so I need to draw to grow at a much faster Pace Which can only be achieved through Digital Transformation and This course helps me In achieving my goal. There is no feeling like we're sitting in a classroom and studying instead it's like we are just hanging out around, talking with our friends, discussing latest technology, latest trends over a cup of coffee.

Rohit Virmani , Entrepreneur, owner, VP Spaces

Ms. Amitabh ( Lead Instructor) is with the Google background and actually has got his hand in this Business so he is able to take us through the entire Nuances, what is the Micro and Macro thing, how does this digital thing fit in this new age of Marketing. There are case studies, detailed Discussions. If you are really looking to learn Digital marketing, Then this the course for growing Forward.

Abhijay Srivastava , AGM Marketing, SquareYards

Mr. Amitabh has vast experience in this field and he has worked himself with google for a decade and I think so even as a teacher, he comes across as a great companion and guide. I am still connected with him even though the course is over where I take tips from him or try to understand what more can be done besides what we are currently doing.

Anshuman Sinha , Associate Director, Flipkart

During this course itself, I have learned all aspects of Digital marketing like SEO, Google Analytics, social media marketing, and I see myself as a marketing professional in both Traditional and non-traditional marketing.

Vishal Dilawari , Marketing Manager, Better Life, Dubal

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